Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Heart Like a Child's

My two girls are both story tellers. Their favorite way of telling stories is in song. They make up their own stories & songs and share them with anyone who is around. They are constantly singing something.

I was just getting ready to walk downstairs to where my kids were hanging out. As I hit the top of the steps I here my youngest's voice singing, "The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout. Down came the rain and washed the spider out." From then on the words got a little jumbled. She had the right concepts with the "sun" & "it drying up" the rain, but the order was not quite right. The adult in me wanted to proceed down the stairs & let her know how to sing it the "right way."

It was right then that I heard God's Spirit say to me, "Leave her alone, because I hear her heart." Yeah, I know that it wasn't some "bible song" that she was singing, but she was letting her heart be heard. God reminded me that He wants to hear my heart. He doesn't care if I am singing a "bible song" or if I am getting the "right words" in the "right order." He just wants me to let my heart be heard. We see this taking place in Psalms as David shares his heart with God.

I think that so often we allow the "Christian adult" in us take over and we get focused on making sure everyone is singing the right "bible song" and that we are singing the "right words" in the "right order." I often find myself doing this with my kids. I take away their childlike heart because I am more concerned with their presentation than I am with the heart behind their content.

I, for too long, have been acting like a "Christian adult" instead of having the childlike heart of Christ. I have been focused on having the "right words" in the "right order." But I am tired of living like this. Christ admonishes us to "have faith like that of a child." We need to stop worrying about our presentation and let our hearts for God be heard. Will you join me in letting our hearts be heard. After all, God is the only audience that matters!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

OPERATION BACKPACK 09 (Hernando County, FL)

OK OK. I know that it has been months since I have posted anything here on the blog. (Not that many of you have noticed!) Well it was definitely time to start posting here again & this is the perfect thing to kick it off with!

On Saturday Aug. 1st we had the opportunity to help serve our community by giving away over 500 backpack & school supplies. It's hard to even begin to tell you the kind of life change that begins to take place in your heart & soul when you start to serve others in this way. I simply cannot wait to be part of doing more things like this. I like to to equate it to getting your first tattoo - once you get your first ink you become addicted. It is the same with serving. Once you start, you can't wait to do it again & again & again. This is the way that God designed us!

There was about 35 of us from CCW as well as many from Love Your Neighbor and other service minded people that were blessed to be a part of this experience. We are planning on doing this next year as well. I am hoping to get some feedback from all of those that were there so that we know how to plan for next year. If you were there I would love it if you would answer these questions.

1) In what area did you serve? What was your responsibility?

2) What did you like most? What went well?

3) What would you change or do differently in the future?

Thanks to everyone that donated money, supplies, and their time to make this a reality. When we come together in unity we can do so much more than we can even imagine. Praying that this is just the first of many service "tattoos" that we receive together over the years to come.

Your Fellow Bond-Servant of Christ,

You can check out more photos HERE. If you took any photos that you would like to share please send them to me or give me a link.